Undestanding Resume Service Pricing

Why Resume Writing Services Prices Vary

  1. Resume services found through popular job boards are significantly more expensive because they are the middleman. They outsource the resume service they promote to a third party and require a large cut of the resume service fee.
  2. One man resume shops make up the majority of services. One person can only handle so much work. The high price they charge is because they cannot prepare multiple resumes in a timely manner. Low prices would overwhelm them.
  3. There are many people in the world. Even with the very high price many resume services charge there is a chance that someone will find their service. Many people do not make too much effort to find better priced products and services.
  4. Most resume writing service are part-time, after-hours, or weekend writing operations. These resume writing services are not looking for any volume of new customers, just an occasional resume to help supplement their other work income.
  5. Advertising costs can be high for businesses. Many resume services spend a significant amount of advertising money each day to get new customers. This cost needs to be passed on to clients in the form of higher resume prices.

Why Resume Profile is Priced Competitively

  1. Resume Profile is a full-time resume writing operation with regular full-time in-house employees. As a result, we can handle a significantly higher volume of new resume writing customers and be more competitive with resume pricing.
  2. We do not outsource our service to a third party writer or service like many services do, sometimes to other countries. We work directly with people which eliminates a payment to a middleman. This also results in a higher quality product.
  3. Team resume writing helps us to be more efficient than other services which leads to a reduced cost. A team approach is also why we are able to do an incredibly thorough job and complete professional grade resumes by the next day.
  4. We are highly qualified at writing resumes which also leads to greater efficiency. Many resume writers do not have real world experience in staffing, recruiting, human resources, etc. We do and we know what gets results with employers.
  5. We keep our advertising costs low and we diversify our marketing approach. 63% of our new customers come from customer referrals. People being really excited to show others their new resume is our most valuable advertisement.

There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.