Professional Resume Writing Services vs. Homemade

HR professionals and recruiters are less likely to save and follow up on resumes that people prepare on their own. The resumes that get selected first and forwarded to hiring managers are exceptionally well written and strategically packaged documents. A resume prepared by hiring and resume experts is vital to progress forward faster and higher. You are marketing your service to companies in a highly competitive job marketplace.

*Not getting called for jobs you are qualified for and interested in is a resume issue.

Our Professional Resume Writing Service Includes

Hiring Studies: There is overwhelming statistical evidence that resumes written and prepared by trained professionals in resume writing, human resources and staffing, and corporate recruiting get saved more often, attract higher quality employers and better jobs, secure more interviews and recruiter calls, and shorten job searches.

Summary: Job searching with a homemade resume will negatively impact your search.

Simple Steps to an Easier and Faster Job Search

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Select and pay for a resume package and you are on your way to enjoying more job options and far better employer choices.

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Several options are available for gathering information including current / past resumes, verbally, or a simple questionnaire.

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Starting tomorrow you can experience the endless benefits of job searching with a resume that hiring managers cannot resist.

"All resume writing services are not equal. The goal is an exceptional resume, not just a resume." Why nobody prepares better resumes

Strong Foundation

The foundation to job, career, and financial success is your resume presentation. Invest in yourself and a professionally written and formatted resume. It is the most important and prudent action you can take.

It's a Resume Issue

It is not a lack of open jobs, employers not hiring, economic conditions, better qualified candidates, too young/too old, outsourcing, over/under qualified, time of year, etc. It is 100% a fixable resume issue.

Experience Counts

The Resume Profile certified resume writing staff has decades of experience in HR and staffing, corporate recruiting, and strategic resume writing. We compose resumes that grab attention and get results.